Marlena Bruno
MANTRA Founder (and MANTRA Guide)

When you walk into our little slice of heaven you’ll notice and feel that it’s not like any other. The simple clean decor, the little sparkles of light in this warm, welcoming, open space are all due to the vision of MANTRA and the dream of Marlena to bring it to life.

Marlena is the founder and owner of Mantra Yoga but she’ll tell you that MANTRA Yoga can’t be owned, it’s a community first and foremost “and you can’t own that”. She has been inspired by her teachers for over a decade and has become ever more inspired by the students in her classes daily to make MANTRA Yoga the yogi home to all who seek it.

Marlena is a certified teacher in both PranaVayu and Yin yoga, with over 1000 hrs of teaching experience and ten plus years of personal practice she draw’s from. Her classes are challenging & meditative while remaining focused on breath & alignment. She’s not one to rush things and firmly believes that you won’t benefit from yoga until you settle in and experience it. No stuffiness allowed in her class. She encourages a playful approach and lots of laughter in her classes.

Marlena’s Mantra: Don’t take it too seriously.  Play, have fun with it, that’s yoga.